• PEDRO PEREZ ONTIVEROS Born in Madrid on August 20, 1952. Make his musical studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in this city (theory, Harmony and Travesera Flute, with teachers: VICENTE MARTINEZ and ANDRES CARRERES. Saxophone two courses with PEDRO ITURRALDE and one of Classical Guitar). He has also performed (individual studies) of Harmony , Jazz Improvisation and editing music by computer.

    Starts professionally in the year 1969 as a Rock guitarist and Rymht & Blues, forming shortly the (ZAS) group, alongside Chema Gonzalez (drummer) and bassist Manolo Aguilar. (To keep the group, begin to do all kinds of musics: as (dance orchestra) and, accompanying the singers in the circuit of summer , as "ALBERTO JOSE"). Later enters the group's songwriter HILARIO CAMACHO alongside Jose Antonio Galicia; Jesus Pardo; Quique Santana and others. Starting to use Saxo and Flute simultaneously with the guitar.

  • For the year 1974/75 alongside Angel Andrada; Tino Charro and Chema Gonzalez accompanying the singer Folk-Rock REGINA, sometimes joined JUAN CARLOS CALDERON and VLADY BAS (piano and Saxo). In the summer of 1975 is going on tour with DESDE SANTURCE A BILBAO BLUES BAND,, satirical group of MONCHO ALPUENTE, at that moment in Hit Parade. Collaborates with the group Rock Symphonic ARAXES II, and makes galas with the singer Juan Erasmo MOCHI during this year and next. In 1976 enters in the group MALASAÑA (later SUBURBANO) beside LUIS MENDO; MANOLO AGUILAR , JUDAS and CHEMA GONZALEZ, adding to JAVIER ESTRELLA, RAFA PEREZ, recorded two LPs,: DANIEL VEGA, "A Night To Precede The Battle" and ANTONIO RESINES AND TERESA CANO "Prison Song of Ho Chi Minh".

  • Con Jorge Pardo y Manglis en el RaicesIt is also assiduous of clubs Jazz Madrid (Raices; Birimbao; Whiskey Jazz, etc.. Participate in "Jamsessions" with and among others. Luis and Cesar Fornes; Jorge Pardo; Fernando Bermudez, Carlos Carli, Tony Lopez, Luis Abella; David Thomas; Jean Luc Vallet; Ruben Dantas; Paquito Rivera (newcomer to Madrid), and so on. A day knows the guitarist of Seville ,LUIS COBO (Manglis) and with JOSE ANTONIO GALICIA form a trio of Jazz-Flamenco for go to Ibiza to work in the summer of 1976. Later this year, joins the group of rumbera LA POLACA and knows to MANOLO SOLER, makes its first international tour in December 1976 and January 1977 by Venezuela (Caracas), and Ecuador (Guayaquil and Loja), this being their first contact with the Flamenco.
  • In1977 works at the Raices, with Luis Cobo again and Andres Olaegui (guitarist friend of Manglis), is then when the Manager TRIANA (Jose Varela) offered a contract for a rock festival in the Sport Palace of Móstoles on 12 February 1978. They decide incorporate bassist Jaime Casado and the drummer Larry Martin. After the concert TRIANA offers to them to be teloneros on his tour. Thus is born the group GUADALQUIVIR, of that Pedro is member until the year 1981. And that it was one of the key groups of the ROCK-ANDALUZ. Several record labels are interested in signing them and end with EMI-HARVEST to record two L.Ps.

  • The first in 1978 entitled GUADALQUIVIR with the help of MANUEL MARINELI (pianist Alameda); DIEGO CARRASCO; RUBEN DANTAS; MANOLITO SOLER. And TALEGON. The second in 1980 is entitled CAMINO DEL CONCIERTO. Collaborating JOSEP MAS "KITFLUS"; LUIS FORNES; TITO DUARTE; JOSE MEDRANO; PEDRO RUY BLAS and DIEGO CARRASCO (again). After the first album, they receive congratulations of Chick Corea, by letter sent on January 13, 1979 . became the group sensation of the moment. With the theme BAILA GITANA entering the lists of sales and the 40 Main. They receive prizes of New Best Group of Radio Juventud. and More Important promise of Rock in the Gran Musical de la cadena SER. In the same year 1978 involved at all concerts of the tour NOCHE ROJA organized by Miguel Rios,besides being his group accompaniment.
  • selva_rockIt shared the stage with the best music of the moment in Spain: TEQUILA; TRIANA; ICEBERG. Etc.
    Over the years successive abundant tours and concerts throughout Spain and appearances on TV. Stressing: Two presentations at the Monumental Theatre of Madrid  (january 1979 and March 1980). Lope de Vega in Seville. Palacio de los Deportes de Barcelona in 1978 (with Triana) and (March 1980) with "Lole y Manuel" and "Manzanita". Also In Barcelona, Plaza de Toros and Zeleste (in February 1979). Vitoria Jazz Festival (July 1978). Jazz Club of St. John the Evangelist and the Tablao LA VENTA DEL GATO with JORGE PARDO on (1980).
  • guadiana_morentemiguel_riosSelva-Rock de Mallorca (1979 and 1980), the latter on the same poster with DR.FEELGOOD and CAMEL. Upon completion of recording of the first album of Guadalquivir with Manuel Soler and Diego Carrasco, they invite the group to go to the CANASTEROS, Tablao of Manolo Caracol, where they work every night. Pedro Ontiveros and Luis Cobo "Manglis" accept the invitation, and once there, they are requested climb on stage to play something together And at the end of the nigth they offer a contract to them to act respecting the concerts of Guadalquivir.
  • el_pescailla They create a show with MANUEL SOLER, and DIEGO CARRASCO, that caused a sensation in the following months. And with wich they appear in the Sports Palace,during the festivities of San Isidro. Pedro Ontiveros remain a year and a half in the CANASTEROS and it is introduced completely in the world of Flamenco. Collaborates with the most important flamenco artists of the moment. Alternating his concerts with Guadalquivir. It works with JUAN and PEPE HABICHUELA, TITO and DIEGO LOSADA, the dancers CARMEN MORA, CARMEN CORTES, and LA TATI, with REMEDIES AMAYA, ANTONIO GONZALEZ (EL PESCADILLA), and the singers GUADIANA, and EL MORO, etc. It made an album with Victor Monge (Serranito). and with him and SARA LEZANA, act in the nightclub Xenon (1979). Make several TV programs (Flamenco of Yesterday and Today) with ENRIQUE MORENTE; ENRIQUE DE MELCHOR , DIEGO CARRASCO , FAMILY FERNANDEZ; FAMILY MONTOYA. etc.
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  • After its passage through Guadalquivir and while still in the Flamenco performs very diverse collaborations within the Jazz, Pop-Rock and other musical genres. Enters in the group of LUIS PASTOR by three years, acts on the Sport Palace of Madrid ,Festivals Rock of Vallecas, Feast of PCE in ROKODROMO, etc.. And he recorded in 1984 the album Nothing is Real with Pablo Guerrero, Julio Cano; Manolo Aguilar; Tomas San Miguel, Jorge Pardo and Ruben Dantas. In 1981 it comprises of the band Rock Satirist, MONCHO ALPUENTE AND KWAIS, they work in the Carnival Madrid in the same concert that Cubans IRAKERE also in the courtroom Morasol and others. In 1982 he composed and recorded the music for the film A LITTLE MOVIDA of Vicente Sainz, and enters in the Company of the actress Susana Mara and his show Speaking with Unamuno, until 1988, making numerous tours throughout Spain.

  • metal_expressThis year participating in the caravan election of the PSOE, playing with Charanga -Orchestra, LA IMPOSSIBLE , in that it collaborates sporadically for ten years, which are involved in countless feasts. Get the first prize of street gangs (in the category of animation) in the feast of Saint Sebastian of 1983, with the cooperation of the actor, Raphael (EL BRUJO). Take part several years in the Carnivals of Madrid of the CIRCLE OF FINE ARTS. In the edition of 1986 of Juvenalia. The Festival of Magicians ALMERIA 1988, and many more. In 1983 with KEVIN AYERS (ex-Soft machine), records the album (Diamond Jack and the Queen of Pain). varadero_festival
  • Forms with the guitarist and composer CESAR FORNES, the Jazz-Fussion group, Metal Express with Rafa Perez on drums and Alejandro Vaquerizo to Bass (sometimes Victor Merlo), working regularly in WHISKEY JAZZ Madrid and in numerous clubs and festivals throughout Spain. Goes on tour with LA POLACA in July ,to ALGERIA , and on August at the Hotel Hermitage of MONTE CARLO (Monaco). Make concerts in 1983 with PATXI ANDION and with him,in 1984 acted at the Teatro Real in Madrid and the FESTIVAL VARADERO (Cuba), there knows to PABLO MILANES, SILVIO RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN RADA and others and participates in Jamsessions organized by ARTURO SANDOVAL and GONZALO RUBALCABA. Also in 1984 participates in the musical BARNUM, represented in the MONUMENTAL THEATER of Madrid under the musical direction of LUIS FORNES, and with an orchestra in the listed CESAR FORNES, PACO GARCIA and ARMANDO LLORENTE with which formed the group Atlas, to which joins bassist MANOLO TORO, and later PEPE PEREIRA. With this group cut a record and they act frequently in Cafe Central, CLAMORES and other clubs, also appear in 1985, in the program of TVE, Jazz between Friends. It was dissolved in 1988.
  • Makes small collaborations with groups like: ISP (Fusion); SOS (Rock band) with which works in "ROCKOLA" and other clubs of the Movida Madrileña; CAYETANO MORALES ,songwriter of Spanish Folk . And with the CHUNGITOS and AZUCAR MORENA, during the " Tour Cyclist of Spain" of that year. Also in the CAFE CENTRAL and other clubs with the band's saxophonist JORGE SYLVESTER comprising Miguel A. Chastang, Fernando Sobrino, Tony Moreno, Joan Albert, Bill Smith, Fernando McCatty, etc. With the group, MADERA of Angel Rubio. With the trio of Pedro Esteban and Suso Sainz of the Orchestra of the Clouds; and with the band of EL REVERENDO in several TV programs. atlas_cafe_central
  • submitted by the great WYOMING . He makes the music of the film LULU DE NOCHE of Emilio Martinez Lazaro which premiered in 1985. Participates several years in TRAGALUZ. Draft Jorge Banegas (keyboardist and composer of ASFALTO) alongside CACHO CASAL, drummer of TOPO, making Jazz-Rock in multiple clubs. In 1986 played in the sixth JAZZ FESTIVAL OF SAN ISIDRO of Madrid with the Brazilian jazz quintet Batuke, with the singer, CESAR SANTANA and the vibraphonist RICHARD SPRINGE, with which recorded an album. In June of that year with SUSANA MARA going to ATENEO DE CARACAS TERESA CARREÑO Theater (Venezuela) with the show (Speaking with Unamuno).susana_mara
  • A special chapter deserves his lengthy relationship with drummer JOSE ANTONIO GALICIA , since the beginning of the 70s, when he played with the group Los Que Vivimos,in the parish of Holy Angel of Vallecas, until July 2003 (shortly before his death), with the group of Carmen Linares in Leganes. In 1974, 75 visiting our rehearsal room on the street Peña Ubiña (also in Vallecas) for play listen and speak about music, meetings to also goes Hilario Camacho, reason why, we ended forming a group. In 1976 to the return of its one-year trip to India, we formed, a trio with Manglis, to go to work throughout the summer in Ibiza. -----›jose_antonio_galiciaBut it was in 1984 when I go to join their group, to act on 3 November at the V International Jazz Festival in Madrid in the PALACE OF SPORTS, along with the guitarists JUAN MANUEL CAÑIZARES and GERARDO NUÑEZ and on 14 of November of 1985, in the sixth edition of same Festival, in the PAVON THEATER , this time with Juan Manuel Canizares, the singers Cancanillas and ENRIQUE MORENTE, the bailaora La Tolea and the trumpeter, MANFRED SCHOOF, also worked that month in the club Eligeme of Madrid. They toured Morocco in 1986, on 25 April at the Theatre National Mohamed V in Rabat and Casablanca , Tangier, Tetouan, Fez and Nador, with DAVE SCHNITTER (of the Jazz Messengers).
  • teatro_pavonThat year acting on CLAMORES (from 5 to 11 May) and the GUION from 9 to 11 October. They go to Switzerland in May 1987 at the Grand Cafe du Casino LAUSANNE, Plateau Free NEUCHATEL and ZURICH. Earlier, in April of that year, returned again to Clamores with ANTONIO CARBONELL and MONTOYITA.
    Rehearse, in his unforgettable house of the street, Isla de Nelson ,where go many musicians and becomes a point of reference for the jazz music of Madrid. It takes part, in the recording of three of his albums (Memories of Carmen Amaya; Tres en Raya, and Blue Jazz Sax). In recordings with ENRIQUE MORENTE, on 1989 (So spend 5 years and Pedro the Cruel) coincide on many formations of other artists, such as GERARDO NUÑEZ in Veranos de la Villa 1990 (Courtyard of Conde Duque). With KOJIMA Japanese dancer in a tour of Japan at the beginning of 1992.

  • EL Grupo del Foro with Jose Luis Monton; MariMar Vivo, Eva Duran, Emilio Gabarre etc., obtained a great success in the Flamenco Festival in Utrecht on April 15, 1994. In May of that year with CRISTOBAL REYES at the Teatro Monumental. With JUAN RAMIREZ on August 19, 1997 at the Conde Duque and with the group of CARMEN LINARES from 1995 to 2003. With the new group of "Gali" Camaleon, played in the XI Jornadas Flamencas de Fuenlabrada in 1995 with Bondo Fernandez, and Falo. and they recorded in Malaga the days 24 and 25 March the song MANANTIAL, which is included on the CD BLUE SAX-JAZZ. Worked in CASA PATAS, in December 1996; the pub, REVOLVER and a tour by Extremadura and many more.
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  • jazz-gali suiza-j_a_galicia carlo_felice_genova fuenlabrada_flamenco kojima_japon
  • casa_patas_galiIn 1987 Pedro Ontiveros made his first tour of Japan with the ballet of KOJIMA along with LOS LOSADA: Amador Maya and Peluche. After in 1992 he returned to Japan , to make ,two tours more with Kojima, in April (with Gali) and another in November. By 1988 accompanies the singer MARIA ALBA(Maria and Manuel) in its performances, on the Tablaos of Madrid, as Al-Andalus; El Porton; Faralaes etc.. And in a cruise on the Aegean (Athens, Istanbul and Greek Islands) and in the following years. Participates in the group Funky / Hi-Hop, PEDIRAS ARNICA, draft Jose Luis Perez-Toledo. They made an album ,in which Pedro recorded all the saxos, and did the arrangements of metal .Also it collaborates with the dancer CARMEN CORTES in Jerez de la Frontera and with the singer VICENTE SOTO (SORDERA) for the first time.
  • In 1989 going to Italy (Modena) with the bailaor JAVIER BARON. And begins to collaborate with GERARDO NUÑEZ, with serving in the Festival Flamenco de Utrecht (Netherlands), Jardines de Cecilio Rodriguez on August 4 with ANTONIO CARMONA of Ketama on percussion, in the Great Week of Bilbao and at the Festival Grec ' 89, of Barcelona on 13 and 14 July, introducing her disc (Flamencos in New York) with a big band in which they are inter alia: BERNARDO PARRILLA; ANTONIO RAMOS, JOSE A. GALICIA, etc. ENRIQUE MORENTE also called for the recording of the music of the series for TVE (PEDRO EL CRUEL) and later to the music of the theatre work Asi que pasen cinco años of Garcia Lorca, and directed by MIGUEL NARROS, which premiered in the Español Theater in Madrid.

  • kojima_tokyoThat year was requested by MANOLO SANLUCAR to record the music from the TVE series (LA MARISMA AND THE LLANO) and, enters on their group, making his debut with him in the Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca, on 17 January. Remains in the group in which they are: Isidro Sanlucar: Charo Manzano; Antonio Carbonell, Juan Parrilla and Tino Di Geraldo. He makes all the performances of that year. Highlighting: in february the Teatro Arriaga Bilbao, Malaga Cervantes Theater in July. Festival of the Union on August 19, Monastir (Túnez) on December, and so on. Remains with Manolo, more of ten years, this being one of its most interesting and fruitful collaborations. At this time conducted numerous tours, and performances in the most important theaters in the world, making a brief summary, include:
  • carnegie_hall_In 1990, Centro Cultural de la Villa in Madrid from 27 to 29 March. In April, Teatro de la Recoleta (BUENOS AIRES). Presentation in the CARNEGIE HALL of New York on June 1, (with JAIME MUELA on sax).

    On 30 September in the ,BIENNIAL FLAMENCA of Seville. On January 19, of 1991 in Nimes (France). On June 6 in the PALAU DE LA MUSICA (Barcelona).
  • On July 6 they participate in the 25th edition of MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL (Switzerland), sharing scene, with LOLE And MANUEL; EL PELE; TOMATITO and CAMARON DE LA ISLA, and with QUINCY JONES as master of ceremonies. He took the opportunity to participate in the Jamsessions with musicians of TOTO, MORY KANTE and JEAN-LUC PONTY.

  • On July 10 they work at the 3rd Festival D'ART FLAMENCO Mont de Marsan. In September ,in Plaza of Maschio Angioino in Naples. In 1992, the EXPO of Genoa on August 8, and from 23 to 26 of November are presented in TOKYO within the Spanish Week. In 1993, in LA PALMA (Canary Islands) on 26 April. In March they give a concert at the AUDITORIO NACIONAL DE MUSICA of Madrid, and shared placard with Tomatito, in July 31 in TERUEL. In 1994, an performance in the THEATER ROMEA of Murcia. In September 1995, ANDORRA and SAN CUGAT. In 1996 involved in the XII Jornadas Flamencas de Fuenlabrada (March) and, the Flamenco Festival of Vredenburg Utrecht on April 20, with the new singer EVA DURAN.Montreux_jazz_festivaljazz_montreux
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  • mont_de_marsanIn the Inauguration of the Municipal Auditorium of MARSEILLE on June 1, with MARIA PAGES like invited artist and on August 13 returns to the FESTIVAL OF THE UNION (Murcia), where is honored to MANOLO. In March 1997 they go to the PALACE OF CONGRESSES of Grenada. On July 15 at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE GUITAR in the GREAT THEATER of CORDOBA, and in November in the Municipal Theatre de la Ville de Tunis, this time with BELEN MAYA, as invited . In 1998 they work at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan and repeated in the same place the following year.

    Going back to 1990 he has a brief participation in the group of the singer of Soul, TARA and the great success obtained in the performances with GERARDO NUÑEZ, in the BIENNIAL OF SEVILLE (where he had been before with Manolo Sanlucar) and in August in the Conde Duque , where Gerardo presents a band in which besides Pedro, are: JORGE PARDO; CHANO DOMINGUEZ;
  • GUADIANA; RUBEN DANTAS; JOSE A. GALICIA, CARMEN CORTES, etc. Shortly thereafter, will be on tour in Italy (16 to 22 April) with the Ballet of LUISILLO , whose first dancers are, MARIA VIVO, and ANTONIO CANALES.

    In 1991 on 27 and 28 January, it works with the orchestra of the Jazz drummer, RAMON FARRAN, in the presentation of his work Mediterranean, in the Palma Auditorium. began to work in the CLUB BERLIN of Madrid with the group of Jose L. Perez Toledo (to that knew, of the recording, of PEDIRAS ARNICA in 1988) and singer MAYTE PIZARRO doing FUNKY / HI HOP / SOUL, are so well received that remain all year at the club, although to the few months have changed the singer, incorporating to SUSANA RUIZ, which later, would be requested by the group OLE-OLE to replace to MARTA SANCHEZ, this event ends with the project.
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  • joaquin_cortesPedro goes to work in OBA-OBA, Brazilian music club (next to the Berlin), where he met musicians from the group of Salvador de Bahia FRUTOS TROPICALES. The singer and composer of this band, PAULINHO DAMASCENO ,form a new group with Pedro Ontiveros, ALBERTO DAMASCENO (TARZAN), JOSE FERREIRA, WALTER GUIMARAES, BIDA NASCIMENTO, EMILIO ROBALO, and other musicians. They make a repertory with all the rhythms of Brazil and packed houses every night OBA-OBA there worked several years (until 1994). Also worked with them ,on the Carnival of CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES, EL CAFE DEL MERCADO and a long list of places.
    In 1992 besides, will work with Soul Solution, (Funky &Soul), group composed by the Danish singer, Kristin M. Martens; on drums PINO SAMBATARO; PAJARO JUAREZ on guitar and BIDA NASCIMIENTO on bass. They will act during two years in various clubs Madrid as the YA-STA, OBA OBA, PAPAGENO, BAVIA, MARAVILLAS , and many others. In 1993 acts with LOS LOSADAS, from 12 to 17 October in the Madrid Theater, also involved the bailaor EL GRILO .With the bailaora BELEN FERNANDEZ in the CAFE DE CHINITAS and the Albeniz Theatre.
  • La_tati_atenas On August 19 appears in the CONDE DUQUE with the tocaor MONTOYITA, MANUELA HEREDIA and the singer DIEGO EL CIGALA. He joins to the group of ANTONIO CANALES for the first time in his choreography TORERO ,that is released, in the Madrid Theater and will continue with him several years. At the same time, colaborates with the Flamenco Ballet of  JOAQUIN CORTES on 24 October at the Teatro Romea Murcia in the company of MONTSE CORTES, CHONCHI HEREDIA, MORENITO OF ILLORA, MONTOYITA, MANUEL PARRILLA and as guests MERCHE ESMERALDA and JOAQUIN GRILO.
    It should be added the works that begins to do, with LA TATI, that year. In October in the Flamenco Festival of UTRECHT (for the first time) and 31 December at Cannes (France) and that will follow in the next years.
  • In another style of music, participated that year in the recording of the first and second part (AQUA and FOCUS) of SINFONIA VIRTUAL, work of JORGE BANEGAS (component of the rock group ASFALTO), with that before it had collaborated in the group TRAGALUZ, and includes a theme his authorship (in Focus) entitled WAVE OF SMOKE. in 1994 ,was recorded the third part (TERRA) and they presented the work in the Auditorio of Villaviciosa de Odón, with a great sound and lights show. And in others places as the HONKY TONK CLUB in Madrid . Also in 1994, after the success with the GROUP DEL FORO in Utrecht, CRISTOBAL REYES. solicits to Pedro for a performance on May 7 in the MONUMENTAL THEATER Madrid, (with JUANA AMAYA like first dancer).jorge_banegas
  • It does several recordings for TVE. on 13 January a program with ANTONIO CARBONELL, February 19 another with the tocaor OSCAR LUIS HERRERO. On 12 and 13 May, participated in the recording of the choreography TORERO of ANTONIO CANALES. In September 20 to 25 works with ARTURO PAVON and LUISA ORTEGA (they go ANTONIO CANALES and EL CIGALA ) in the CENTER FOR THE VILLA. It goes of tour with LA TATI , in March at Sweden.   In July, 1 to 3 at the Teatro Madrid   premiere of Herejia de la Llama and on 7 and 8 in Atenas (Greece). In 1995, also with La Tati, will go to MASTRICH (Netherlands) on February 4, and (the Veranos de la Villa) in the Conde Duque (July 15). In this and other performances of La Tati, it shared the stage with the dancers JOSE TRIGUERO; ANGEL ROJAS; ANTONIO (EL PIPA) and JOSELITO ROMERO, the singers CHARO MANZANO; TALEGON CORDOBA and also BERNARDO AND MANUEL PARRILLA; DAVID AMAYA and CHABOLI. In June worked with "el bailaor" EL RONDEÑO (Zaragoza), alongside to ANTON JIMENEZ and EL CIGALA. Collaborates in two concerts (11 and 12 August) in Seville and Caños de Meca with his former colleague of GUADALQUIVIR Luis Cobo MANGLIS in its new formation MANTECA, (Flamenco-Funky). With JORGE BANEGAS, works in the CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES of Madrid, May 22, with the Virtual Symphony. (Music NEW-AGE).
  • antonio_canalesAgain to the group of JOAQUIN CORTES, represent PASSION GITANA on 29 and 31 July in Huelva and San Sebastian (Anoeta), in Replacing of Juan Parrilla, and with Javier Colina on bass. With ANTONIO CANALES makes several performances, emphasizing: in the month of June El Kuopio Dance Festival, FINLAND, on 3 and 4 July in Mont-Pellier, day 5 in FESTIV'ARLES in the Antique Theater of ARLES (France) and on 12 and 13 October the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville to make Torero and "A Cuerda y Tacon" with Antonio and MERCHE ESMERALDA. The 14's same month are going to La Cite de la Musique from PARIS. In November the day 2 CIUDAD REAL . 12 TALAVERA and 29 and 30 in the Third Autumn Music Festival in merche_esmeralda
  • Albacete ,and from 18 to 31 December, return to Paris, to the Theater de les Champs Elisse ,with SARA BARAS like guest star with a great success. Important tours are performed with the Ballet of LUCIA REAL, and THE CAMBORIO ,in September in SPORTING CLUB of MONTE CARLO-Monaco, with "BLANCA DEL REY", of artist invited. In October at the International Folk Art Festival, SHANGHAI (China) and in November at the Teresa Carreño in Caracas (Venezuela) with PACO ROMERO guest.
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  • camborio_china
  • On September 15 of 1995 CARMEN LINARES incorporates in its group to Pedro, in order to interpret (The Popular Songs of Garcia Lorca) in LA SOLANA (Ciudad Real), and will remain with her until July 2003. Gets huge satisfactions professionals, since that Carmen is magnifies, as Cantaora and person. This period is fraught with tours and performances very important. On September 22 acting on the feast of Mercé in Barcelona (BAM). In 1996 they go to the VIII Festival de Musica y Danza Ciudad de Ubeda (May 18), 24 that month to the Palacio de los Cordobas (Granada). On August 2 acting on the DRANOUTER FOLKFESTIVAL in Belgium, a major event in which also participating ELVIS COSTELO; CASSANDRA WILSON and EMMYLOU HARRIS among others. On august 18 in ALFACAR (Grenada) alongside actor FRANCISCO RABAL in a tribute act to GARCIA LORCA. October 3 in SALONICA (Greece). November 5 involved in the program TVE. broadcast live from the PALACE OF SPORTS of Madrid Tribute to the International Brigades, and the day 22 in the XXII Festival Flamenco de Cáceres.

  • dranouter_festivalubeda_c_linaresc_linares_paco_rabalc_linares_pedro_ontiveros
  • That same year, (besides the concerts of Carmen), carries out the following activities: In January he recorded for TELE 5 two programs of (Here no one sleep) with the group THE TROUPE DE LA MERCED. With guitarist OSCAR LUIS HERRERO performs various concerts, Toledo on January 20, from 21 to 30 April a tour of Castilla La Mancha and in August, he recorded on the disc (BY FALLA 50th Anniversary), involving the classical guitarist CARLOS ORAMAS. A concert with the group of MARIO CORTES in the Chamber Caracol (January). In the same room on March 30 with CAMALEON (group of Jose A.Galicia). Enters in KÁMBALA, (group of Afroarabian music), formed by RASHA; ELISEO PARRA and ASA ,acting in the II Semana de Musica Etnica in the Palace Pimentel Valladolid on June 5. Before on March 14 in Murcia, on June 26 at Palencia .27 in the ETHNIC FESTIVAL of Pinto, 15 August in GALILEO-GALILEI of Madrid, 19 in the SEMANA GRANDE of Bilbao and September 20 in SURISTAN (Madrid). That year it is called by ENRIQUE DE MELCHOR ,with that he work on July 12 in Cordoba and On 16 September in Oviedo and resumed his collaboration with the singer VICENTE SOTO (SORDERA) to intervene on 7 September at the PARQUE DE ATRACCIONES of Madrid and on 20 in the IX Bienal de Flamenco in Seville.
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  • vicente_soto In 1997 is lavishes with several dancers, starts with JUAN RAMIREZ on 31 January at the CARACOL, August 19 at the summers of Villa of Conde Duque with the voices of TONY MAYA and GUADIANA and in Casa Patas from 20 to 25 October. In the same local he performed with MANUEL Reyes on 14 and 15 February and again on 21 and 22 November. And from 28 to 12 December, performs with a tour of JAPON (Jakata, Tokyo and Osaka Myth). In that tour, he shared the stage with the YEYE OF CADIZ (singer).
  • manuel_reyesIt makes several appearances more in Casa Patas. In March, on 7 and 8 with RAMON EL PORTUGUES and EL VIEJIN and RAMON JIMENEZ on the guitars . And on 13 and 14 June with MANUELA HEREDIA and MONTOYITA. In January has been involved in writing the CD SUDANIYAT of the singer Sudanese RASHA (music afro-arabian), next to ELISEO PARRA, WAFIR SHEKELDIN, ABDUL HAFIZ KARRAR and others, and is involved in its performances on 21 to abril in SURISTAN , May 8 in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA. In July the day 1 in the SGAE, 10 in the CAFE PALMA, 18 GETAFE, etc.
    Goes with MANOLO SANLUCAR on 28 February in JEREZ. On 2 March to PALACE OF CONGRESSES of Grenada. On June 7 to UBEDA. On 30 September in LISBON and on 19 November to TUNISIA.
  • utrechtWith CARMEN LINARES going on 20 March, to SANTANDER. From 21 to 26 May, makes a tour of HOLANDA , which includes the FESTIVAL VREDENBURG in UTRECHT and the cities VENLO, EINDHOVEND (Miziencentrum Frits Philips), and the Chasse Theater in BREDA. On 20 August, the 15ª Festival Internacional de Musica Ciudad de Ayamonte (Huelva). On 24 in the feasts of ALICANTE, in October 4 participated in the tribute Huellas de la Argentinita at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, along with MARTIRIO; ESTRELLA MORENTE; ISABEL BAYON; RAFAEL RIQUENI and CHANO DOMINGUEZ. On 31 October the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE of the AZORES on the island of TERCEIRA (Portugal). And on 7 November in COIMBRA, (THEATER OF GIL VINCENT), also in Portugal.
  • On November 3, premiered in the TEATRO REAL of Madrid , A awhile, A minute, A century, adaptation of poems by GARCIA LORCA, with the (Canciones Populares), spectacle that they carry out CARMEN LINARES and the actress LOLA HERRERA. On 11 November, are in the PALAU OF THE MUSIC of Valencia with the company of dancer Jose Porcell, formed by TONY MAYA, ELENA ANDUJAR (singing), ISRAEL PORRINA (EL PIRAÑA) on percussion, and so on. It comes with the master EL GUITO,, to act at the Centro de la Villa from 15 to 19 October and at the Teatro Villamarta in Jerez on November 13. In that excellent company can work alongside to SARA BARAS; MARIA VIVÓ; CARMEN LINARES and MORAITO DE JEREZ and end of the year, from 22 to 31 December at the CHATELET THEATRE MUSICAL of PARIS.lola_herreraEl_guito_chatelet
  • lincoln_centerThe 1998 starts at Casa Patas on 9 January with EL PIPA. And on February 11 with JUAN RAMIREZ in the CENTRO DE LA VILLA of Madrid. Continues with CARMEN LINARES, for going in February to Caceres (day 14) and the Teatro Cervantes of Málaga, on 18. They make a tour by Italy with highly successful, acting on February 27 at the Teatro dei Rinnovati of SIENA, 28 in the THEATER ARISTON of MANTUA, March 2 at the CARLO FELICE in GENOA, 5 at the Teatro delle Palme in NAPLES the day 8 in the THEATER MANZONI of MILAN, 9 in the Teatro Verdi of PISA and 12 in SOCIETA FILARMONICA of TRENT.
    From 17 to 29 March with A while, A minute .... are in Barcelona in the TIVOLI THEATER. On May 28 (with Carmen), at the THEATER BRETON of Logroño. June 9 in LAS PALMAS.
  • v_soto_sorderaThey act on Villa Giulia of Rome on 13 of july And the 16 in the Auditorio de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela). In September, October and November, are with A while, A minute ... at the THEATER ALCAZAR in Madrid. They give on October 22 a concert at Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. They go (the day 28) to the AUDITORIO SANTA ANA of Plasencia. From 5 to November 10 made a tour by USA, acting in the SANDERS THEATRE, of BOSTON (day 6), on 7 in the LINCOLN CENTER (ALICE TULLY HALL) of NEW YORK and on 8 at the GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY of WASHINGTON. When returning they go to Portugal, where they act on 13 in COVILHA, 14 in BRAGA and 15 in LISBON. On 21 at the THEATER ZORRILLA of Valladolid. By December, again with Carmen and LOLA HERREA, worked in the Teatro Principal of Valencia (on 26 and 27).
  • But that year also works with the GUITO on April 3 in the THEATER MONUMENTAL of Madrid,  with Rafael Amargo  and LOLA GRECO, on May 1 at the PALACE OF CONFERENCES OF GRENADA, in that company, are: RAFAELA CARRASCO, MAYTE MARTIN, PABLO SUAREZ (on piano), VINCENT CORTES and others. On May 22 acts on the HOUSE OF AMERICA of Madrid with Vicente Soto (Sordera) (Entre dos Mundos). From May to September he makes performances with the singer sevillanas MARIA DEL MONTE. On November 1 returns with MANOLO SANLUCAR at the Manzoni Theater in Milan, singing CHONCHI HEREDIA. And in december at Casa Patas with RAUL ,day 10 and LA MIMBRE day 11.
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  • In January 1999, is called by the BALLET NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA,who heads AIDA GOMEZ, to replace Jorge Pardo, in the choreography Silence Rasgado. Will make, many functions and tours around the world. Composes the music of ORIPANDO, choreography of the dancers ADRIAN GALIA; ISRAEL GALVAN and ISABEL BAYON that the National Ballet premieres on September 17, 1999 in the TEATRO SUN PALACE de FUKUOKA (Japan) with enormous success. As in the rest of the world. Part of this work, (GUAJIRA), is included within the best ones choreographies in the history of the National Ballet in the celebration of the 25th anniversary that takes place in the THEATER REAL of Madrid from 15 to 22 March 2003. Altogether has intervened in the following choreographies of the BNE:ballet_nacional_españa
  • SILENCIO RASGADO of Aida Gomez with music by JORGE PARDO, premiered on June 28, 1998 at the Teatro Real. ORIPANDO already mentioned before. LUZ DE ALMA of JAVIER LATORRE, premiered on 20 February 1998 at the New York City Center. MESSAGE of Aida Gomez, music by VICENTE AMIGO, February 20, 1998 at the New York City Center. SEMBLANZAS of Aida Gomez, music by DORANTES (December 17, 1999 Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid). A CIEGAS of ANTONIO CANALES, music by DORANTE (December 17, 1999 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid). MIRABRAZO of ANTONIO CANALES, music by musicians BNE (September 26, 2000 at the XI Bienal de Flamenco in Seville), Teatro de la Maestranza. SOLEDAD of ANTONIO CANALES, music by E. Bermudez and A. Amaya (July 25, 2000 in Las Nerja Caves). GRITO of ANTONIO CANALES, music by José M. Banderas and Jose Jimenez (Viejín) (December 9, 1997 in T. Perez Galdos of Las Palmas). FUENTEOVEJUNA of ANTONIO GADES (November 15, 2001 at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville). ENTREVERAO of Manuel Santiago Moya (MANOLETE), with music of Jose Luis Montón (April 4, 2002 in the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles, USA). ILUSIONES FM of (MARIA PAGES), music by Manolo Soler (December 20, 2002 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid). TIME of JOAQUIN GRILO, with music by Jose Antonio Rodriguez (23 January 2004 at the Palais des Festivals of Cantabria).

  • He made his debut with the BNE. On 30 January in the CULTURAL CENTER OF BELEM (Lisbon), and on February 4 at the Coliseu do Porto. From 12 to 14 in AUDITORIUM OF PALMA. During that year, they will follow,important performances like: From 4 to 7 March, the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, the PALACIO DE FESTIVALS Santander (12 and 13 March). The THEATER CAMPOAMOR Oviedo (19 and 20) and Gijon from 24 to 27. In June they go to INTERNATIONALE MAIFESTSPIELE of WIESBADEN (day 1) and Musikfestspiele Saar of SAARLUIS on 27th (both in Germany). On 23 and 24 July, XLV Festival de Teatro Clasico de Merida. On 1 and 2 August to PALACE OF CONGRESSES in Santiago de Compostela, 3 and 4 PALENCIA from 6 to 8 in the FESTIVAL OF THE UNION (Murcia), and from 15 September to 23 October, a tour of Japan, in the cities (Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Utsunomiya, Sendai, Yamagata, Mizuzsawa, Fuji, Nagoya,saarluis_bne
  • Osaka, Matsudo, Yokosuka and Tokyo). They close the year in THEATER OF THE ZARZUELA Madrid where premiered the choreography SEMBLANZAS with music by Andres Pena DORANTES. Also in 1999, works with CARMEN LINARES and LOLA HERREA in the GRAND THEATER CORDOBA on February 17, May 27, in GRANADA, on 1 March in LA CORUÑA. He does 7 and 8 May in CASA PATAS with POL VAQUERO . Two galas with CARMEN LINARES, May 13 in MERIDA and on 2 December in TOLEDO. and also with Vicente Soto serves on April 24 in the THEATER SALON CERVANTES of Alcala de Henares with Tribute to José del Hierro and May 20 with the same show in the SGAE. Also on May 15 with the tocaor JOSE MARIA MOLERO in Alcala de Henares.
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  • teresa_carreñoIn 2000 with the BNE from 28 to 30 January they go to THEATER CALDERON of Valladolid, and in February again at the THEATER CAMPOAMOR and at the PALACE OF FESTIVALS (days 4 and 5, and 11 and 12, respectively) and from 21 to 28 at TEL AVIV (Israel). On March 18 and 19 in the THEATER FALLA of Cadiz. In April they make an important tour by MEJICO, PANAMA and VENEZUELA that them carries to MONTERREY the day 4, THEATER FERNANDO SOLER of SALTILLO the day 6, from 10 to 13 to PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES and PLAZA DEL ZOCALO in Mexico City on 15 at AGUAS CALIENTES. The 18 and 19 they are at the Teatro Nacional de Panama and from 26 to 29 in TERESA CARREÑO of CARACAS (Venezuela). In May, the day 6 will CACERES and from 25 to 27 back to Wiesbaden. On June 30 they go to the FESTIVAL OF GRANADA ,on the Gardens of Genralife. In July made a tour of Italy. 11 and 12 Genova, 14 in BASSANO, 16 in CREMONA and 19 and 20 in Trieste. On 25 they act in CAVES OF NERJA and from 28 to 30 at the Centro Cultural Caixanova de Vigo. In August from 12 to 13 are involved in the FESTIVAL OF CASTLE PERELADA.
  • teatro_bellas_artes monterrey_ballet_nacionalmusical_coordinatorbienal_flamenca
  • In September PEDRO ONTIVEROS, is appointed MUSICAL COORDINATOR of the NATIONAL BALLET OF SPAIN, in recognition to the capacity demonstrated in his work. And, they participate in the XI Bienal de Flamenco en el TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZA Seville where he continues the great success of choreography ORIPANDO (with music by his authorship). On 30 are in the AUDITORIO DE LA ALAMEDA of JAEN, and in October, they traveled to the XIV Macau International Music Festival (from 7 to 15 ),and on Morocco where they work, on 23 in the Mohammed V THEATER of RABAT, 25 in COMPLEXE CULTURE MOULAY RACHID of CASABLANCA and 27 in the TETUAN SPANISH THEATER. In November from 9 to 11, arrive to the THEATER PEREZ GALDOS of LAS PALMAS within the VI FALL FESTIVAL OF THEATER AND DANCE and from there,they traveled to Chile in order to act from 12 to 19 in the TEATRO MUNICIPAL SANTIAGO and later on the Teatro El Nacional de Buenos Aires (Avda. Corrientes), (from 22 to 26). It closes the year with the BNE from 7 to 9 December in BURGOS and the 14 in ALCOBENDAS. With CARMEN LINARES does some concerts, that year, highlighting: on 8 March in the THEATER MAIN Valencia on 2 June in Costa Nord from VALL OF MOSSA (Mallorca), a cultural center sponsored by the actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS. And on Aug. 5 in BARCELONA (Cathedral Square) and 25 in the XLV FESTIVAL OF ALBACETE sharing poster with MIGUEL POVEDA.
  • Also worked that year in the MUNCHEN PHILHARMONIE Munich (Germany) with the Swiss dancer NINA CORTI. In 2001 works with the BNE, within the Millennium Festival of the Community of Madrid, in the THEATER COLISEUM, on 16 and 17 January and in THEATER DE ROJAS de TOLEDO on 20 and 21. In February they go to the AUDITORIO DE PALMA day 9 and 10, MALAGA day 20, and the GUERRA THEATER of LORCA (day 23). In March they traveled to Alicante on 1 and 2 and they begin a tour of northern Spain, which leads them to THEATER BRETON of LOGROÑO (10 and 11), THEATER MAIN ANTZOKIA of VITORIA (14 and 15) THEATER GAYARRE of PAMPLONA (17 and 18), GIJON, AVILES, OVIEDO (Theater CAMPOAMOR) and ends on 31 in BARAKALDO. In May, on 3 and 4 they go again to Coliseu do Porto.c_linares_costa_nordnina_corti
  • bne_rio_de_janeiroTo the THEATER MANUEL DE FALLA of CADIZ (11 and 12). They travel until RIO DE JANEIRO to act at the Teatro Carlos Gomes, (from 18 to 20). From 31 to 3 June are presented in the THEATER MADRID. On 8 and 9 at the XXIV FESTIVAL OF EJIDO and on 15 in CUENCA. In July they go to Yapi Kredi Sanat Festivali in ISTANBUL (Turkey), on 3 and 4. They do another big tour of Japan that leads them successively since Sept. 11 by the following cities: KOBE, KORIYAMA, CHIGASAKI, MUSASHINO, TOKYO (four days), HAMAMATSU, NAGOYA, SHIMANE, KITAKYUSHU, OITA, OSAKA (two days) INA, OTAKU and ends in YOKOSUKA on 14 October.
    In January 2002, they work in MALTA (from 24 to 27). In February the 27 in the THEATER VILLAMARTA of Jerez. March 8 in FRANCFORT (Germany)
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  • gira_japonBallet_nacional_en_japonturquia_bne
  • and in the month of April, they begin a tour of USA going to WILSHIRE THEATER of BEVERLY HILLS (Los Angeles) from 3 to 7, Jackie Gleason Theater in MIAMI from 12 to 14 and NEW YORK CITY CENTER from 18 to 21. In June they go to International Izmir Festivali in Turkey working from day 26 to July 2, immediately after, they go to TEATRO REAL in Madrid, giving functions from day 9 to 13 and the same month, participating in the ALMAGRO FESTIVAL 19 to 21, and on 26 in FUENGIROLA. In August at SAN JAVIER (day 6) and (CAM ROIG) in GERONA (from 8 to 10). In September will go to ALBACETE on 9 and, VALDEPEÑAS (25 and 26). On October 4 in MANZANARES, and 12 and 13 in TALAVERA. In November 8 and 9 in SALAMANCA and 10 and 11 in LEON and return to THEATER DE ROJAS Toledo 29 and 30. Ends the year with the BNE acting in THEATER OF THE ZARZUELA from 20 to 30 of december.

    This year works with CARMEN LINARES at BILBAO on March 22, in a concert of sacred music. On May 14 in CADIZ, June 1 at Teatro Auditorio Adolfo Marsillach in San Sebastian de los Reyes, on 5 and 6 October in the AUDITORIO DE ALCORCON on 28 November in SEVILLE and December 12 in a program of TVE. Also it goes, along with the tocaor OSCAR HERRERO on 19 October, to the 1ª International Guitar Festival de la Isla de Chipre.

  • gira_usaThe year 2003 starts with the National Ballet at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, where they are from 3 to 12 January. And going (the 30 of this month) for LISBON (CULTURAL CENTER OF BELEM). returns to COLISEU DO PORTO, until 6 February and on 8 and 9 in FIGUEIRA DA FOZ, Portugal. They act in ALICANTE 19 and 20 and from 27 to March 2 will be in the THEATER ARRIAGA (Bilbao). That month from 15 to 22, the BNE celebrates the 25º Anniversary in the TEATRO REAL Madrid, being the GUAJIRA of ORIPANDO (with music by PEDRO ONTIVEROS), one of the works, which are represented.

  • On 28 and 29 they go to ALMERIA and on April 1 THEATER ROMEA of Murcia. On 6 are in Vigo. On 22 this month, begin another tour of Chile y Brasil, acting in the TEATROMUNICIPAL SANTIAGO, from 22 to 30, then RIO DE JANEIRO in the TEATRO MUNICIPAL (on 5 and 6 of May).
  • teatro_realIn CREDICART HALL from SAO PAULO (9 and 10). THEATER TOBIAS BARRETO in ARACAJU on 12 and ends in the THEATER CASTRO ALVES of SALVADOR DA BAHIA, May 14. That month they finish it in the AUDITORIO DE ALCORCON on 30 and 31. On 8 and 9 June he acted in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL IN CLASSICS ALCALA of Alcala de Henares. And from 16 to 22 they go to prestigious SADLER'S WELLS LONDON THEATER of taking very well received. In July will be 1 to 13 in no less prestigious Theater DEUTSCHE STAATSOPER in Unter den Linden in Berlin. In September, after acting the day 13 in the AUDIENCE OF PALMA, began his third tour of Japón con el BNE, coming to the following cities: from 26 to 28, TOKYO in ORCHAD HALL, 29 and 30 TOKYO-MEGURO (PERSIMMON HALL); from 1 to October 4 in YAMAGATA (YAMAGATA-KEN KENMIN KAIKAN); from 4 to 6 AKITA (AKITA KENMIN KAIKAN); from 6 to 8 MORIOKA (IWATE KENMIN KAIKAN); from 8 to 10 TOYOHASHI (KINRO FUKUSHI KAIKAN); from 10 to 13 YOKOSUKA (YOKOSUKA ART THEATER); from 13 to 15 MITO (IBARAGI KENMIN BUNKA CENTER; from 15 to 17 KORIYAMA (SHIMIN BUNKA CENTER); from 17 to 21 OSAKA (FESTIVAL HALL); from 21 to 23 HAMAMATSU (ART CITY HAMAMATSU); from 23 to 27 TOKYO (ORCHAD HALL); from 27 to 29 UTSUNOMIYA (BUNKA KAIKAN) and from 29 to 31 SENDAI (MIYAGI KENMIN KAIKAN). On July 23 worked in LEGANES with CARMEN LINARES.
  • In January 2004 (days 23 and 24) returns to PALACE OF FESTIVALS of Santander with the BNE. In February they toured SINGAPORE, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA, starting at the Teatro Esplanade of SINGAPORE 20 and 21, from 23 to March 3 they are in SAINT JAMES THEATER of WELLINGTON, in the, New Zealand International Arts Festival (New Zealand ) and from 4 to 14 in the THEATER FESTIVAL ARTS FESTIVAL of Adelaide in Australia. On April 30 they go to GREAT THEATER CORDOBA. June 22 acted in MURCIA. On 24 and 25 September in ALMERIA.

    In 2005 involved with the BNE in the 33 Hong Kong Arts Festival with four performances (from 17 to 20) that are performed in the GRAND THEATER, HONG KONG CULTURAL CENTER.
  • adelaida_festivalnew_zealand_festivalteatro_de_la_zarzuelahong_kong_bne
  • Will Continue ...
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